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Here at My Pet Reiki, with our amazing human Isa Tsen, we've got a super cool mission! We're all about spreading that warm, fuzzy feeling of Reiki magic to all my four-legged buddies and majestic horses out there. Whether we're chilling in San Diego or hanging out anywhere in the world, Isa's here to make sure we feel paw-some, inside and out.

Horse Reiki

Equine Reiki: Harmonizing Your Horse's Spirit and Body

Hey human, let me trot you through something special – Equine Reiki at My Pet Reiki. It's not just any treatment; it's like a spa day for us horses! 🌟🐴

Here’s why I, and my fellow hoofed friends, absolutely love our Reiki sessions:

  • Soothing for the Soul

  • Muscle Magic

  • Zen Zone

  • Emotional Elixir

  • Energy Boost

Reiki for Horses
Reiki for Dogs

Pet Reiki

Paws and Relax: Discover Reiki Healing for Us Pets! 🐾

Hey there, human! It's me, your furry best friend! I've got something super exciting to woof about – Reiki for Pets at My Pet Reiki! It's like a spa day for my soul. Imagine me, lying back, relaxing, while some kind-hearted humans help balance my energy. It's pawsitively amazing for calming my nerves, soothing any aches, and just making me feel tail-waggingly wonderful. If you think I deserve some extra TLC (and let's be honest, I totally do), let's give this Reiki thing a try. Can't wait to feel like the zen-est pup in the park!

Benefits of Reiki Healing for Pets at My Pet Reiki:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Pain Relief

  • Emotional Healing

  • Post-Surgery Recovery

  • Improved Well-being

  • Senior Pet Care

About Isa Tsen

Meet Our Reiki Family: Pets, Horses, and Healing Magic

Our human, Isa Tsen, is the heart and soul of My Pet Reiki. She’s not just any ordinary human; she's a Master Reiki therapist who has this incredible gift of connecting with us on a deeper level. Whether it’s us dogs wagging our tails, my feline friends purring away, or the majestic horses neighing in delight, we all agree – Isa's Reiki sessions are the best thing ever!

Here at My Pet Reiki, we specialize in feeling good – inside and out. It’s not just about the physical stuff, though that’s super important. Isa helps us with our emotional and mental well-being too. After a session with her, we feel like we can leap higher, run faster, and relax deeper. It’s like all our worries and aches just melt away!

Here’s to wagging tails, happy purrs, and contented neighs, all thanks to the magic of Reiki!🌳🐾🐿️🌈

Isa Tsen Pet Reiki Master


Discover Our Reiki Services: Healing for Every Paw and Hoof 🐾

Step into a world where each wag, purr, and trot is nurtured with love – explore our specialized Reiki services, crafted for the well-being of every pet and horse.
Equine Reiki

Every session feels like a gentle, soothing breeze through my mane, calming my muscles and easing my spirit. It's like a warm, caring hug for my equine soul!

Pet Reki

You've got to try this Pet Reiki thing at My Pet Reiki - it's like getting a big, warm, energy-filled hug that makes my tail wag and my heart purr with happiness!

Reiki For Racehorses

Ever since you started me on this Reiki journey, I've felt more relaxed, focused, and ready to race – it's like I've found my secret power for the racetrack!

Distance Reiki

Even when you're far away, human, I can feel the warm, snuggly vibes of your love through Distance Pet Reiki, making me feel safe, calm, and super loved!

In-Person Animal Reiki

You know, ever since we started those in-person Reiki sessions, I've felt more at peace and energized – it's like getting a supercharge of love and calmness!

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Ever since you introduced me and our animal buddies – the goats, turtles, and birds – to Animal Reiki with My Pet Reiki, we've all been feeling so much more serene and sprightly.


Hey there, human! You've sniffed your way to the best part - our pricing!

Now, I may be just a horse who pays in neighs and gallops, or a pet who offers purrs and cuddles, but let me tell you, these deals are sweeter than the freshest hay or the coziest lap nap. Take a peek at these prices that won't make you neigh in dismay or purr in protest!

Reiki for Horses

(Private sessions are offered in person or remote healing)
  • In-Person $188

  • Distance $111

In-person sessions are available within 10 miles of San Diego. I can also travel to your location - additional travel expenses apply.

Reiki for Pets

(For Dogs, Cats & More)
  • In-Person 10-45 minutes: $35-$60

  • Distance 10-45 minutes: $25-$50

In-person sessions are available within 10 miles of San Diego. I can also travel to your location - additional travel expenses apply.

When Isa Tsen comes over for our Reiki sessions, she sometimes brings these amazing Essential oils and aromatherapy stuff that make me feel extra relaxed and happy! And guess what? She can either visit us within 10 miles of San Diego or send those same warm, snuggly vibes through Distance Reiki Sessions, right into our home! It's incredible how she works her magic from afar, letting me enjoy all the feel-good energy and care, whether she's here in person or connecting with us energetically it's amazing!

The Not-So-Secret Secrets of Scheduling Our Reiki Sessions!

Woof! Just a quick paws-up from your furry finance advisor: These prices might do a little shake and change from time to time. And oh! If you've got any special requests or need extra stuff that's not on the list, there might be a few more treats (I mean charges) added. Just keeping it real and transparent, like a clean water bowl! 🐾


We Are Trusted Over 16+ Countries Worldwide

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Pet Reiki by Isa Tsen

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