Healing Energy for Pets and Horses

Embark on a holistic healing journey with My Pet Reiki, available worldwide. Led by the renowned Isa Tsen, we provide specialized Reiki sessions for pets and horses, enhancing their physical and emotional well-being. Our services, including virtual Reiki, cater to dogs, cats, and equines, offering a unique approach to health and harmony. Experience the transformative effects of Reiki from anywhere in the world.


Discover Our Reiki Services: Healing for Every Paw and Hoof

Step into a world where each wag, purr, and trot is nurtured with love – explore our specialized Reiki services, crafted for the well-being of every pet and horse.
Equine Reiki

Every session feels like a gentle, soothing breeze through my mane, calming my muscles and easing my spirit. It's like a warm, caring hug for my equine soul!

Pet Reiki

You've got to try this Pet Reiki thing at My Pet Reiki - it's like getting a big, warm, energy-filled hug that makes my tail wag and my heart purr with happiness!

Reiki For Racehorses

Ever since you started me on this Reiki journey, I've felt more relaxed, focused, and ready to race – it's like I've found my secret power for the racetrack!

Distance Pet Reiki

Even when you're far away, human, I can feel the warm, snuggly vibes of your love through Distance Pet Reiki, making me feel safe, calm, and super loved!"

In-Person Animal Reiki

You know, ever since we started those in-person Reiki sessions, I've felt more at peace and energized – it's like getting a supercharge of love and calmness!

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Ever since you introduced me and our animal buddies – the goats, turtles, and birds – to Animal Reiki with My Pet Reiki, we've all been feeling so much more serene and sprightly.

Farm and Livestock Reiki

Farm & Livestock Reiki

From the clucking chickens to the gentle cows, and even the playful goats – have been feeling a whole lot more relaxed and joyful.

Overnight Pet Sitting At Your Home

Overnight Pet Sitting At Your Home

When you're busy or away, I get walks, treats, and fun with My Pet Reiki's pet sitting. It's a pet's dream staycation!

Drop-In Visits For Dogs And Cats

Drop-In Visits For Dogs And Cats

When your humans are out, our My Pet Reiki pal drops in for cuddles, play, snacks, and even our important meds. They get our tails wagging every time!


We Are Trusted Over 16+ Countries Worldwide

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Pet Reiki by Isa Tsen

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