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Welcome to the vibrant world of My Pet Reiki, where every day is a journey towards healing and joy! I’m Isa Tsen, the spirited force behind this venture. From my early days in Bulgaria to an enlightening path in San Diego, my life has been a tapestry of holistic discovery, from the transformative power of yoga to the nurturing essence of holistic nutrition.

Facing challenges head-on, including my mother's health battle and the loss of my business during Covid, I found resilience and a renewed purpose through Kundalini practice. This journey led me to the profound world of Reiki, where I felt an instant connection, especially with animals. As a certified Reiki Master, Kundalini facilitator, S.E.A ~ Sacred Energy Activation owner and plant based coach, I now specialize in bringing healing and balance to pets and horses.

My Pet Reiki is more than a service; it’s a celebration of wellness, combining my lifelong passion for holistic care with a deep love for animals. I offer personalized Reiki sessions, both in sunny San Diego and virtually, to nurture the well-being of your beloved animal friends. So come along, and let’s embark on a beautiful journey of healing and happiness together!

Warmest regards,

Isa Tsen


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